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We believe that Westleigh has a unique personality.

It is ambitious, forward thinking, enthusiastic and continually strives to improve and meet new challenges. At the same time Westleigh remains a friendly organisation with a lively, informal atmosphere and a working environment which is enjoyed by our staff and remarked upon by visitors. It is a personality that we are proud of.

We operate an open-door policy where managers at all levels are approachable and communication between colleagues & departments is encouraged. We welcome ideas from our staff which may improve the smooth running of the business.

We acknowledge that our staff are our biggest asset and recognise that their contribution plays a key part in the success of Westleigh. We are therefore committed to training and personal development. New employees are given an induction as an introduction to the Company, its history, and its plans for the future, in addition to meeting work colleagues and management team, therefore understanding the importance of their role within the organisation.

Progress is reviewed after six months and thereafter during an annual appraisal. This appraisal is an opportunity to evaluate personal performance, to identify any training or development needs and to set agreed targets for the following year.

Westleigh believe in equal opportunities for everyone and does not accept discrimination of any kind.

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