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Why buy new

Why buy new

The benefits of new build homes

When looking to buy a new home, prospective purchasers are faced with a tough decision: whether to buy a new build or an older property.

Many might instinctively look up second-hand homes for sale, yet there are a number of advantages of buying a new home compared to purchasing an older property.

Below are just some of the many reasons why buying new can be the right thing to do.

A fresh start

We understand the desire that a lot of new buyers have to make a home their own by adding some personal flourishes to its design, yet it’s important to understand just how costly and time consuming this can end up being before you make a move.

For example, you might decide that the boiler is in need of replacing, the living room is crying out for a new lick of paint, or that the kitchen needs bringing into the 21st century.

The beauty of new-build properties however is that you can make huge savings on all the various expenses commonly associated with older properties, being that you’re the very first people to live there and there’s no DIY required.

In fact, research by the Home Builders Federation has shown that in order to upgrade an older home to the same specification as that of a new one, owners have to spend almost £50,000!*

Blank canvas

A new-build property offers the chance to start afresh with a blank slate that you’re free to decorate however you see fit.

Unaltered by previous owners and their dubious design choices, a brand-new home allows you to stamp your own style and express your personality much more easily.

Energy efficiency

In recent times, great efforts have been made to make people live more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly lives, and houses have been no exception to this.

On average, homes being built today across England and Wales are 65% more energy-efficient than those of a similar style that date back to the Victorian era.

This can be attributed to advancements in design and building materials, such as modern double glazing, high-quality insulation and innovative drainage systems.

Not only does living in a new house mean being in warmer, more comfortable surroundings, it also means saving a lot of money that would otherwise go towards annual utility bills.

Peace of mind

In the event that something goes wrong with your new home, peace of mind is at hand in the form of a 10-year warranty, protecting you from any unexpected repair costs.

As standards of housebuilding have improved greatly in recent times, so too has people’s satisfaction with their properties, with 90% of purchasers saying they’d recommend their builder to a friend.

However, having the safety net that a warranty provides gives confidence that you’re covered on the off-chance that anything does happen to your new home.

Quality and design

Purchasing new gives shrewd buyers a whole host of advantages over those who opt for a second-hand home, including a contemporary layout designed for modern lifestyles.

New properties offer superior quality in homebuilding techniques and materials alongside the best in modern design. Featuring open-plan living spaces, en-suite facilities, balconies, built-in cupboards for extra storage and designed to maximise the use of natural light.

It’s easy to see the contrast between the quality of new and old properties.

Different ways to buy

A fantastic range of homebuyer options are available to help make moving to your dream home even easier and more affordable.

If becoming a homeowner feels like an impossible ambition, you should find comfort in the availability of schemes like Help to Buy and Part Exchange, which are specially designed to make the buying process considerably cheaper and much more achievable for many prospective purchasers.

For example, Help to Buy enables first-time buyers and those with a property to sell to secure the home of their dreams with just a 5% deposit, a 20% Government loan and a 75% mortgage.

For more information on how you can move into one of our stunning new homes come and visit us!

* https://www.hbf.co.uk/news/the-price-of-not-buying-new-it-could-be-as-much-as-50000/

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